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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Duffy sings Edith Piaf's Hymn To Love at the Beacon Theatre Broadway New York

Highlights included Madeline Payroux’s performance of the Piaf hit "Padam Padam," which is about a women listening for her lover’s footsteps, and the British singer Duffy’s account of Piaf’s "Hymn To Love." Lavishly produced, the show included a 26-piece onstage band and elaborate lighting and visual effects. In the case of "Hymn To Love," the song was backed not only by a big string section and drums but also by a montage of films and photos showing Piaf’s greatest love, the married middleweight boxing champion Marcel Cerdan.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Duffy Appears At Francofolies Piaf Tribute 19 September 2013

The full event will be broadcast on TV5Monde on October 12th 2013 for those able to receive it.

Duffy on stage at 1.53

Duffy with Coeur de Pirate (real name Beatrice Martin)

Theatre entrance

The Set List

The Stage
Duffy was going to sing this Piaf song.