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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Duffy, Joss Stone, Sandy Shaw and Rumer - The new "Girls Club"

The honey-toned soul singer Rumer has just attended the first meeting of her new “ladies group”, which involved “drinking wine and gossiping. What girls do, really”. Sandy Shaw was hostess, Joss Stone and Duffy dropped in, along with various female producers and songwriters.

“It came out of the idea that women in music should connect and support each other, ’cause it’s a very male-dominated industry, and there’s still a lot of sexism. It helps to be able to compare experiences. You can feel quite isolated in this job.
“There’s not many people in ordinary life you can ask: 'When you are standing on stage and somebody yawns, how do you feel about that?’ It was nice to talk. We’ll have the next one at Duffy’s house and invite more people.”
It is such a funny image, these female superstars gathering in each other’s living rooms to have a moan about the music business.

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  1. Duffy has short hairs now ?!

    This is an amazing news ! Thanks a lot for that !

  2. Don't think she has cut her hair, most likely piled on her head but not visible in the pics - not sure what you girlies call it.

  3. Rumer is a nice person and VERY gifted. I'm glad that they are friends!

  4. duffy's hair is naturally shorter... any time it looks long it's extensions